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Red aloe vera to avoid dengue fever for sale in tamilnadu

Tue, 10/15/2019 - 20:10

@Revathy wrote:

** Red aloe vera to avoid dengue fever for sale in tamilnadu.If interested please call-9543455978 or

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1.20 Acre of Agricultural Land For Sale in Rangareddy District, Telangana

Tue, 10/15/2019 - 13:28

@SFarmsIndia wrote:

1.20 Acre of Agricultural Land for sale located at Parveda Khalsa, Rangareddy District, Telangana. Price - 1.1 crore per Acre. 10 mins drive from wild waters, 7 KM from Shankarpally and 25 KM from ORR. For More Details Visit

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Aromatic plant cultivation techniques and management

Tue, 10/15/2019 - 12:33



Day 1

Importance of aromatic plants in human health, national economy and related industries,

Classification of aromatic plants according to botanical characteristics and uses.

Introduction to Traditional and Modern Systems of Medicine

Need; Market aspects


Introduction; Need of Organic Fertilizer; Benefits of Organic Fertilizer; Preparation of Organic Fertilizer; Demonstration & land preparation

Plant Nutrients: Name of plant Nutrients; Functions of Nutrients in plant growth and Development

Nutrient uptake and Utilization by plant: (From Organics) From Inorganic

Sources of nutrients for Organic Agriculture:

Organic Manure – FYM/Rural compost, City compost, Oil cakes, Animal wastes, Vermi composts, etc; Characterization and Nutrients content of the above sources (Data Chart); o Green Manure – Green Manure with Leguminous crops in crop rotation. In-situ incorporation of crop residues –Benefits; Liquid Manure

Day 2


Soil: Definition; Soil formation; Composition and characteristics; Types of soil according to composition; Distribution of soil groups in W.B.; 2. Acidic, Alkaline and Saline soils; How they affect Agriculture; Method of reclamation; 3. Soil productivity: Meaning & Concept Difference between Soil Fertility and Productivity; Method of Increasing productivity and fertility

Water Sampling and Quality Control:

Determining the Sample Size; Choosing a Sample Method; How to Collect Water Samples; How to Transport Water Samples; How to Dilute a Water Sample; Ensuring Quality Control; Checklist for Field Work; Health and Safety, Testing for Physical Contaminants; WHO Guidelines for Physical Parameters

Potential Health Effects; Test Methods

Plant nutrients; physiology

Day 3

SOIL MICROORGANISMS, Introduction Microorganism Need of Microorganism Benefits Microorganism Management of Microorganism


DISEASES PROTECTION: Plant Protection Measures: Integrated pest & disease managements. Organic pesticides, bio-pesticides. Inorganic pesticides, disadvantages of their use. Seed, seedling and soil Treatment measures. Feasibility of complete dependence on organic sources.

Climate and soil requirements; cultural practices; yield and important constituents of aromatic plants (Citronella, Palmarosa, Mentha, Basil, Lemon grass, Rose, Patchouli, Geranium etc.)

Day 4

Climate and soil requirements; cultural practices; yield of under-utilized crops (Rice bean, Lathyrus, Sesbania, Clusterbean, French bean, Fenugreek, Grain Amaranth, Coffee, Tea and Tobacco).

Phyto Constituents

Importance of Neem in organic Agriculture

organic Agri-Horticulture in Urban & Semi urban areas

Quality Control and certification procedures of Organic products

Organic Production

Good Harvesting Practices; Storage

Day 5

Bio fertilizers and their method of use, Nitrogenous; Phosphatic; Potassic; Availability of Nutrients from above sources; Other Nitrogen contributing plants;

Plant biochemistry; molecular biology

Preparation of vermin compost: Pit construction; Raw materials; Availability of specific species of earth worm; Method of preparation; Quality improvement of finished vermin compost

Trade & Supply Chain Management

Day 6

Government Subsidy


Preparation of seed bed & raising of seedlings: Wet seedbed, manuring, sowing broadcasting; Dry seed bed, bed size, manuring, soil treatment ,actual sowing in line/broadcasting; weeding, watering, hardening of seedling, time requirement for seedling growth, uprooting seedlings

Physiological Diseases / Disorders: Identification, cause and effect ameliorating measures (soil/spray application Soil amelioration; Interaction)

Field Demonstration
Feed Back and Discussion
Valedictory Function
schedule on 18-23 November 2019
please registered as soon as possible we have limited number of seats.

for more information pls contact at 8239781078; 8329199541

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Cold pressed oil

Mon, 10/14/2019 - 20:38

@ajaychandra08 wrote:

Hello members
anybody into cold pressed oil manufacturing or have any contact. Any information would be of great help.
Ajay Chandra

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1 Acre of Agricultural Land For Sale in RangaReddy District, Telangana

Sun, 10/13/2019 - 13:06

@SFarmsIndia wrote:

1 Acre of Agricultural Land for sale located at Shabad, RangaReddy District, Telangana. Price - 78 lakhs per Acre. 30 KM from ORR and Hyd Intl Airport.
For More Details Visit

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Mb and disc plough tillage equipment

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 19:34

@umiya wrote:

Good day sir…!

We are Patel Agro industries based at Wankaner, Gujarat, India.

We are manufacturing of HYDRAULIC & MECHANICAL REVERSIBLE MB & DISC PLOUGH under the brand name ‘SHREE UMIYA’ . Our brand fast growing in market in a short period of time.

We have wide range of hydraulic and mechanical reversible MB plough for 15 to 100 HP tractor. And automatic and hydraulic reversible disc plough with 2, 3 and 4 DISC.

We are India’s largest hydraulic plough manufacturer .

We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer.

Features of our implement:

ü Made by advanced technology and high grade material.

ü Best performance on field.

ü Suitable for all types of Soils.

ü Zero Maintenance.

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Automated Doser and Climate Control

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 17:19

@Mohit_Sibal wrote:


If you’re looking for farm automation please get in touch with me. I represent a company called Physiz and we have industrial Dosing systems as well as Climate control backed with a cloud based UI to manage your farm in real time.

Looking forward to your replies!

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300 Acre of Agricultural Land for sale in Panna District, Madhya Pradesh

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 13:10

@SFarmsIndia wrote:

300 Acre of Agricultural Land for sale located at Gunaur, Panna District, Madhya Pradesh. Price - 5 lakhs per Acre. For More Details Visit

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Wanted 10 Acres of Land for Theme Park

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 22:26

@sekarkk wrote:

Hi All,

We are looking for a plain farm land (not on Main Roads) of around 10 Acres with Water table & Transport connectivity with in 50-70 kms radius from Bangalore city at a reasonable price for purchase with clear titles. Land can be either barren/fallow/waste/dry land too.

Land holders can contact on email id.


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Latest agri equipment hydraulic reversible plough

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 15:55

@umiya wrote:

latest agri equipment hydraulic reversible plough

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Wheat bran cattle feed Rs.12.60 per kg for sale in tamilnadu

Tue, 10/08/2019 - 19:57

@Revathy wrote:

**Wheat bran cattle feed Rs.12.60 per kg .If interested please call-9543455978 or

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Agricultural land for sale. Good

Tue, 10/08/2019 - 15:31

@Ritisha_Wood_Impact wrote:

I am selling my agricultural land which is located in kenganpalya, kolalla hobli tumkur. Behind goravanahalli Lakshmipura temple. Near by dam. Good land for agricultural and good location. 2acre28kunta. Total for RS.45lack. Giving for less price because land is 20feet away from the road.

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Advice for commercial production of leafy vegetables in red soil

Tue, 10/08/2019 - 13:16

@Nitin_More wrote:

Dear Ramu Sir , I’m from Pune ,Maharastra. I have a farmland in kokan Raigad , and practising natural farming from last 18 months . I want to know about Shivansh bio fertilizer method . Is it good for increasing organic carbon and biomass and overall fertility of red soil . Please help me for getting commercial crops successfully as I’m not getting good yield and returns by only using JIVAMRUTA and Ghanjivamruta .

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A training program on advanced technology and future prospect of indian food industries and commercial cultivation in india

Sat, 10/05/2019 - 10:13


Jaipur is organizing 2 (Two) days training program on cultivation of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (Stevia, Moringa, Safed Musali, Aloevera, Kali Haldi, Shatavari, Chia, Lemongrass, Giloy etc). This Training Program is in the fourth week (18-19) October 2019 at Sunrise Organic Park, Pinjara Pole Gaushala, Tonk Road- Jaipur. You can have complete guide from the preparation of land, Sowing, growing, harvesting, Processing and marketing. Valuable information is compiled from growers, research trials, and the author’s own experience. Includes buyers, sellers, and other resources. Practical Training provided by the Technical experts having experienced of 12-15 years. Attendee could be individuals, Co-operatives and rural farmers, Farmer Groups, SHG’s etc. Session includes market strategic, availability, future of medicinal plant, trading and export opportunities various knowledgeable information available for entrepreneur and providing all resources to make farmer to become processer, manufacturer, exporter who can make excellent quality export quality products.


1 PhD Scholar 2 B.Sc. Agriculture/ M.Sc. Agriculture Graduates 3 Other Faculty Students 4 10+2 Passed Students 5 Innovative Farmers 6 Agriculture Professionals 7 Agriculture Entrepreneurs 8 Government Agriculture employees 9 Private and Public Companies/ Organizations dealing in Organic Farming of Medicinal Plants 10 NGO’s and VO’s 11 Farmer Producing Companies 12 Government/ Non- Government Promoters 13 Food Processing Industries 14 Organic Growers and Industries 15 Other beneficiaries INFRASTRUCUTURE:- 1 162 acre organic park 2 3000 Desi Cows 3 Research Lab Facility 4 Training Hall 5 Dairy Development 6 Organic Product Knowledge Center 7 Irrigation System 8 Rainwater Harvesting System 9 Bio gas making plant 10 Go- Kasth Making Center 11 Cow Dung Pots Making 12 Organic Manure Manufacturing Unit 13 Dhup Batti and Agar Batti Making Unit 14 Live Purchase Center (Grains and Spices) 15 Herbs Extraction Center 16 Herbs Storage Center 17 Batch Printing Unit 18 Cosmetics Manufacturing Unit


The complete information about commercial cultivation of Stevia, Moringa, Safed Musali, Aloevera, Kali Haldi, Shatavari, Chia, Lemongrass Neem , Ashwagandha, Amla, Polius, Palmarosa, Cintronella, Bhui Amla, Bhringraj, Ram Tulsi, Shyam Tulsi, Van Tulsi, Gudmar, Aparajita and Giloy cultivation.

Before starting cultivation what parameters has to be taken?

Include field level primary processing /value addition activities.

Converting your business into small scale industries?

on what parameters/standard Medicinal cultivation done?

Marketing aspects & services?

Profit percentage from single buyer and how much it is effective?

Guarantee of Buy back guarantor?

Certified plant saplings and seeds, surety of certification and standardization of material?

How can you choose any medicinal plants according to your place climate,

Land soil and water availability?

List of Government certified & approved Herbal plants?

Climatically conditions, environmental improvement and soil improvement.

Employment to unemployed people?

Promotions of Herbal plants according to Government Schemes?

Medicinal farming through organic preparation?

Cultivation of Medicinal plants with minimum water level?

Safety about climatic diseases in Medicinal Herbs?

How to prepare nursery of Medicinal plants?

Subsidy from Central and State Government?

Formalities for Organic Certification?

Government Subsidies.


Asia one of the best handmade Vermicompost processing unit.

Farm Visit

all crops farm visit and technical knowledge about sowing, harvesting, marketing and export.

How to extract pulp from Aloe-Vera leaf?

How to extract Juice from leaf?

Lemongrass farm visit.

Moringa farm visit.

Intercropping System.

Units of Cow Dung Wood Making, Cow Gamla Making.

Display of Organic Sunrise Products.

Handmade Mitti pots display.



Training Duration:- 2 days

Training Time:- 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Training Place:- Sunrise Organic Park, Pinjara Pole Gaushala, Tonk Road- Jaipur- Rajasthan.


The registration fee should be send through Online transaction may to in the name Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society, Jaipur

A/c No- 560371000144189 Corporation Bank, Location: G 1 168 EPIP GARMENT ZONE SITAPURA INDUSTRIAL AREA DISTRICT JAIPUR 302022. IFSC CORP0003031

Fees structure:

Rs 6000 per person , Fees not refundable Facilities:

A Training kit (Training Manual, Main Hu Kisan Magazein, Stevia Drops, Juice, Note Pad, Etc)

Tea, breakfast and lunch

No accommodation available


OFFICE- +91-83291-99541; +91 8239781078

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Aloe Vera Buyer

Fri, 10/04/2019 - 16:42

@Manjumlore wrote:

I am looking for aloe vera Byers in and around from bangalore

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Sandalwood plants/trees in Tamil Nadu

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 17:36

@Prakash_G wrote:

Are there any restrictions in growing Sandalwood trees in Tamil Nadu, any advice on any existing restrictions (if any)

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Red aloe vera if purchased 2 baby plants and sample leaf free

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 13:17

@Revathy wrote:

Red aloe vera for Rs.750 per plant- with 2 baby plants free.Market rate is more
Minimum 5 plants should purchase .We
give 2 baby plants and a sample leaf free for a limited period.It will not be bitter in taste ,it tastes like tender coconut
and if we eat 4 months ,no disease will occur.Outer will be green and inner when we cut red gel will come after
4 minutes.Please check the picture.Please call-9543455978 or

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Bidadi Organic Natural Farm Meet

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 13:00

@kishgator wrote:

Hello All,

I have a 15 acre farm-land 30 KM from Bangalore, It has been organically farmed for 30+ years , managed by ex-banker father, and myself and my family

I invite like-minded farmers to have a “Natural Farm Day” session, which will include inputs from my father, myself, “yourselves” and a simple lunch/tea

Please let me know your interest to attend the same, so that i will announce the date, logistics etc


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**Red aloe vera Indian origin Rs.750 per plant

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 20:23

@Revathy wrote:

**Red aloe vera Indian origin Rs.750 per plant.if interested please call-9543455978 or

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