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Looking to purchase cheap agriculture land in Karnataka

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 23:45


I am an agriculture enthusiast and looking to purchase cheap/budget agriculture land in Karnataka for starting small scale farming as a part-time. Please contact me if you have any leads.

Land size: 1-2 acres
Location: 100-200km from Bangalore preferably, other parts also considered
Budget: approx 10L

Thanks in advance.

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Want guava saplings

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 08:40

Hi I need guava saplings for my farm in tirutani
1200 numbers

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Land for lease - near kothacheruvu puttaparthy

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 07:43

Hi i have 5 acrs of land with good water and fensing facility. If anyone is interested for taking land on lease plz call me on 8618013855.

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Pretreated MORINGA SEEDS germinates quick

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 07:04

Usually moringa seeds take certain time period to germinate that varies between 14 to 30 days depending on the prevailing temperature , vigour and vitality and quality of seeds. In the temperature around 30 degree Celsius it sprouts quickly and emerges out of soil in about 14 days and it is quite longer say about 30 days when temperature is around 10 degree Celsius . Also when the quality of seeds are poor the germination of seeds are irregular as some seeds germinate early and others take so longer a time to spout and come out of soil . Apart these internal and external influences , soil physio chemical properties also affect germination varyingly in different types of soil .I hear majority of farmers along the eastern coast of India complain about germination failure while those along the western coast say Karnataka ,Maharastra ,Gujarat witness good and quick germination of seeds . Irrespective of the causes , the moringa seeds are treated in 3 % panchagavya solution before sowing . The growth promoters like Auxin ,cytokinen , !Gibberellin , vitamins and amino acids along with loads of microbes prepare the seeds ready for quick sprouting and strengthen it to push out of soil early& evenly. 4 days old sprout of treated moringa seeds below .
Screenshot_2020-05-18-22-57-40-051080×2340 385 KB
IMG-20200516-WA01761280×590 81 KB
Screenshot_2020-05-18-22-57-10-801080×2340 388 KB
Screenshot_2020-05-18-22-57-22-641080×2340 379 KB

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Need help with Broccoli Buyers

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 13:56

Planted broccoli on 12th March in my farm in Bhaktarahalli village, Sasalu hobli, Doddaballapur taluk, Bangalore rural dist.

No of saplings planted : ~5000
Surviving saplings : ~4000
Mode of farming : 90% organic and bio. Only 19:19:19 used as a supply of fertilizer about 15 days back as it is a harvesting time.

Flowering started on 50% of the plants and the others will also flower soon.

I am looking for contacts to sell the harvested Broccoli. I request the forum members to provide any details of the buyers so that i can contact them.

Interested buyers can contact me on my mob : +91-9740528434 email :

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What to do with one acre of agricultural land

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 12:59

My name is srijan das. I currently pursuing bcom from nagpur university. I have one acre of agricultural land. But i nedd some suggestions about what agricultural crop to grow and income. The soil type is red soil and the land is in indore. so i want suggestions about the best crop to grow and what is required.

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Looking for retired agriculture expert for my farm as manager

Sun, 05/17/2020 - 11:58

Am looking for a retired agriculture knowledge person for manager position in my farm
My farm is 75 kms away from Chennai ,arcot kuppam village 5 kms before thirutani
It’s 40 acres
Anyone interested please call on 9790868686

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Can I get a new agri connection, where the well already have an 2(5hp) connection each by others

Sun, 05/17/2020 - 10:30

Can I get a new agri connection, where the well already have an 2(5hp) connection each by others

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Agriculture land for Rent

Sat, 05/16/2020 - 16:04


6.5 acres of agriculture land with very fertile soil for rent. Farm is located in Mavanuru village, Channarayapatna. 7 km from Bangalore-Mangalore highway. Farm is connected to wide road.

Farm has a farm house, Borewell, Krushi honda, Electric connection. near to channel.

Interested can connect this number for more details - 8050353585 (Whatsapp)

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Farmer @ kadappa

Sat, 05/16/2020 - 08:27

Hello Every one,

I am just sharing my info in this platform

I have farm land of 20 acre in kaddapa district of Andhra Pradesh, and as this place is know for its citrus fruits, i have planted 1000 saplings of lime in this January. and as intercropping i have planted 2000 sapling of pink and white guava,

I also have planted 2000 sapling of Red Lady variety of papaya which is now in flowing stage,



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Rugose spyralling white fly ( RSWF)serious pest in coconut

Sat, 05/16/2020 - 00:16

Rugose spyralling white fly ( RSWF) -Serious pest in Coconut plantations .
Recently in last 2 years this RSWF has started damaging coconut trees widely across India .This insect lays yellow colour eggs and young crawlers and mature adults feed on the undersurface of leaves .The honey like substance secreted from the bodies of RSWF falls down on the surface of lower leaves where capnoidium fungus grows fast and leaves become dark that would prevent photosynthesis and ultimately reduce growth and yield of trees .
Management of RSWF
Set up yellow colour polythene sheets( sticky trap ) 5ft by 1 1/2ft size smeared with castor oil @ 10 nos per acre at 6 ft high above ground .Adult insects are attracted to yellow colour and get trapped
Fix 2 Nos of yellow light traps in field and keep switched on between 6 PM to 11 PM to attract adults and get killed
Forcible spray of water over leaves to wash black fungus and RSWF
Mix maitha starch @ 25grams in 1 lit water and spray over leaves . Fungus and insects will be removed as flakes from the surface of leaves when it goes drying .Neem oil @ 30 ml in 1 lit water or Azadirachtin @2 ml in 1 lit water is sprayed at weekly or enough frequency depending on the severity of infestation and circumstances .
Encorsya parasite are released into coconut groves .This wasp like parasite feed on the crawlers and adult . Natural predators like chrysoperla is also released to check this RSWF
The use of toxic insecticide will kill these natural predators and parasites and RSWF would outgrow and multiply very faster and unchecked in the event of absence of these predators and parasites . RSWF completes life cycle in about 30 days .so many life cycles in shorter period allow rapid multiplication of RSWF and it spreadsIMG-20200514-WA0169648×1152 97.6 KB IMG-20200514-WA0171720×1280 122 KB IMG-20200514-WA0170648×1152 117 KB IMG-20200514-WA0173960×1280 327 KB IMG-20200514-WA0172720×1280 116 KB IMG-20200514-WA0174960×1280 325 KB windward to other trees around
Be vigilant to save your coconut grove

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_Red aloe vera for Rs.750 per plant for sale in Tamilnadu

Wed, 05/13/2020 - 20:20

**_Red aloe vera for Rs.750 per plant for sale in Tamilnadu, antiageing ,reproduction of new cells,

blood purifier,removes all bad things from body. Non-bitter in taste .When we cut ,red gel comes after 4 minutes.If interested please call-9543455978 or

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Is an 5 hp submersible motor enough to irrigate 7 acre land for banana cultivation

Wed, 05/13/2020 - 15:55

Dear All,

we wre planning to cultivate Andhra Kozhi banana variert in a leased 7 acre land .will a single 5hP submersible motor sufficient to irrigate 7 acre land . please advise.

We need to deploy valves to plan the many valves approx will be required.

Please advise

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Sapota plants sourcing in telengana

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 14:40

Hi, can anyone point me to source for DHS1 or DHS3 Sapota plants in Telenganad or in and around Hyderabad


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Which FarmNest do you like - this or the old one?

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 12:41
  • This new site is good.
  • I still miss the old FarmNest.

0 voters

Several years after we moved to this new forum, we still have comments now that the old FarmNest Forum was easier and that we should move back to that model.
Please tell us what is your opinion - new or old?

If you want to refresh your memory on how the old one looked, visit:

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Up to chat about GAP compliance? Hoping to ease the process.

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 12:32

I’m exploring ways to help farmers using technology. My aunt and uncle, who own a small fruit farm, suggested GAP audits as a good place to start. Specifically, because they require so much information, it would be helpful to automate (at least part of) the process.

Would anyone be willing to chat for 30 min or so about paint points around farming data, GAP or otherwise?

About me: I have a decade of experience in software development, product management, and marketing. Last four years have been working in the blockchain space.

Didn’t want to make this post overly long, so I’m happy to answer more questions in the comments–thank you!

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Custard Apple NMK1

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 20:36

Hi to all.,
Any one having knowledge on farming of custard apple NMK1 verity…? I heard that the fruit is not much sweet like Balanagar. Pls share the information about its farming. Is it viable or not?

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Subash palekar 36x36 model in southern tamilnadu

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 18:13

In my farm in virudhanagar district in tamilnadu (800-900 mm rain). I want do to 36x36 subash palekar method 1 acre as a trial. I have access to enough water to provide water for this 1 acre throughout the year through drip irrigation.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-06 at 10.18.28 PM (2)534×800 79.5 KB

First of all can i substitute coffee with a dwarf variety of papaya ? I wanted to do Coconut, arecanut, gliricidia, papaya(instead of coffee), banana and pepper eventually.

Is there any practical video in english or tamil on doing a 36x36 model from start to end ? I tried finding one all i ended of with are a few scattered videos of whiteboard explanations. nothing practical showing real fields. Found a few videos in Telugu [1 (] , but nothing in tamil or english.

Is there anyone out there in this forum who has practical experience with this model? Is there a farm in tamilnadu where i can visit to check it out in person?

Looking for a step by step guide on when to plant what. Should all the plants be planted all at the same time or should it be staggered planting?

I want to document this setup process from beginning to end. from putting in the drip line all the way.

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How to save 10 year old Mango trees (no flowering/ crop) & also start inter cropping in same place

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 15:05

Hi Friends,

I bought an acre land with mango trees (10yrs old apprxly). They are not even flowing last year and this year. Initially thought of taking them off and start farm a fresh.

But my heart is not happy to chop these old trees. Can any one suggest good idea to retain these old trees and also start multi layer farming a fresh??

Your inputs are really appreciated.

Vinay / +91 9553687776

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Inter cropping in papaya

Sun, 05/10/2020 - 11:41

I am going to cultivate 10 acre papaya. In that what type of inter crops can i do please tell different types of crops

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