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Beehives in moringa production

Fri, 06/19/2020 - 21:56

It is a fact that honeybees are the main pollinators in moringa .A single bee visits 1000 flowers a day and see hundreds of thousands of bees are buzzing around in the moringa plantations aiding in pollinations and fruit set .So the yield of pods is naturally high due to more assisted pollination in moringa field . beehives are set up @ 5 numbers in one acre to facilitate natural cross pollination in moringa . Each beehive produces minimum 20 kgs of honey in a year and 5 beehives produce about 100 kgs of honey that looks dark brown in colour , rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds and sweet in taste .
Since honeybees are reared in moringa field ,should avoid synthetic insecticides that are harmful and use only neem oil , organic pesticides and bio-pesticide as protective spray instead of curative spray .The flowers of varietal moringa like ODC in the class of Moringa oleifera species are rich source of sweet nectars . So the farmers who cultivate moringa crop in significantly larger area can integrate apiary @ 5 per acre and get the benefit of moringa honey as additional income apart from higher yield of pods say 30,000 to 35000 kgs per acre .IMG_20200619_173322537×745 142 KB FB_IMG_1592291694353719×727 69.6 KB IMG_20200616_2318551079×1715 867 KB IMG_20200619_1724201079×1359 493 KB FB_IMG_1592155376759900×600 63.8 KB

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Tuberose flower

Fri, 06/19/2020 - 12:24

everybody ,
I am from Nellore ,looking to start newly tuberose flower cultivation primerly Nd intercrops are moringa,curry leaf,marigold…in 1acre.
I request u to farmnest followers, farmers plz share ur advise Nd experience.
how to start?
Seed selection?
Market price?
My decession is right or wrong ?

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Information on TXD Coconut variety

Fri, 06/19/2020 - 07:38

I am planning to plant some coconut samplings. Prefer dwarf or hybrid varieties. Need clarifications on the followings.

  1. Are dwarf or hybrid varieties suitable for copra (for oil extraction). Initially we plan to sell the tender coconuts, but eventually go for copra.
    2)Most suitable dwarf/hybrid variety for costal Karnataka (Puttur/Sullia) climate. What is the average yielding time for the same.
    3)What is TXD variety? I understand it is tall crossed with dwarf, but are these varieties suitable for copra?

Appreciate if someone could help me out with this. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

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Looking for organic farmers

Thu, 06/18/2020 - 21:27

Looking for famers who produce goods in and around Chennai -65 kms radius
Especially vegetables and any fruits !
For business collaboration
Thank you

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SALE...! Near NH-7 Farm land 3 acres available near Anantapur- bangalore Highway

Thu, 06/18/2020 - 17:23

acres - 3
Land is red soil suitable for agriculture and forestry activities.
Site is having well road connectivity that connects to National -Highway- 7
Located near Marur toll plaza.
contact : 9848948689

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Online Farmer's Market?

Thu, 06/18/2020 - 11:32

Hello I don’t know much about farming, but I read that farmers don’t make as much as people think. So I thought it’d be smart to start an online farmer’s market for farmers to sell directly to people without retailers & wholesalers (i was thinking this would give the farmer more profit for his/her work). They’ll grow, and I’ll deliver the orders. Customers would be getting high quality produce for, what I hope will be, at a lower price than grocery stores. Is this possible? And is it even legal?

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Intensive cultivation of organic moringa ( ICOM ) for leaf biomass

Thu, 06/18/2020 - 00:43

I have experimented with 8 lac moringa plants in one hectare field . Dr.Foidl experimented 10 lac moringa plants in one hectare in Nicaragua .seeds were sown at 10 CMS × 10 CMS in Dr.foidl ’ s field and nearly 30% mortality was noticed during second year .so I analysed the causes and reduced the numbers by 20% to sow 8 lac moringa seeds by allowing space for walkway through the field for effective cultivation . Field was ploughed 45 CMS deep and soil were pulverized to fine tilth and
100 MT of well decomposed farmyard manure was worked out in soil during last ploughing . And before sowing , 5 MT of bio-fortified manure was broadcast over the bed .Aim of ICOM is to produce 500 MT of fresh leaves in about 9 harvest @ 35-40 days cycle .Upon drying and processing this gives out 50 MT of dry leaf powder .One MT of certified organic moringa leaf powder sells @ $ 15 -20 thousand in international market .For 50 MT it is $ 0.75-1.0 million .The INR value is Rs.5-7 crore per ha per year .
A good drainage , organic manure ,and liquid nutrients , neem and bio-pesticide spray for preventing insect pest and diseases are scrupulously followed for obtaining huge biomass . Global demand for moringa products is $ 10 bn in 2025 !
Before upscaling this project , I tried this in small area of 25 cents and succeeded in obtaining luxurious growth and yield of biomass

FB_IMG_1592417745758|275x500 FB_IMG_15924176748561080×525 66.2 KB IMG_20200618_000305528×960 329 KB IMG_20200618_000206960×540 226 KB FB_IMG_1592417936329960×540 123 KB

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Farm Machinery Advice

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 18:42

I need some advice on Farm Machinery.

I have land 20 acres that has not been farmed for 30 years, it is flat with grass and vegetation.

I need advice on plough machinery. I see that some people Buy or Rent tractors and I see online Hand Plough ( diesel or electric)

Some places refer to the diesel/petrol hand plough as rotovator

Has anyone advice on the Hand ( diesel or petrol) ploughs ? are they good. what Horsepower/Engine is good. maybe even recommend a hand plough.

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Farmland for lease- Gurgaon

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 17:21


Iam looking for agri land on lease near Gurugram. Iam starting my venture in organic farming and hydroponics. Any leads will be welcome

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Need plantation advice for 16 acres near Hyderabad (20kms)

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 22:47

Dear Members,

Our extended family has land near Hyderabad (20kms from ECIL or Uppal, 7kms from Keesara). I and my uncle are interested in setting up a farm/plantation in our 16 acres of land. We both are working fulltime as software engineers in Hyderabad (near gachibowli, approx 1.5 hrs drive or 55 kms from land) and are not planning to completely leave our job and switch to farming at least in the near term. We are not from a farming background so this is completely new to us.

In 2010, we constructed 2 poultry sheds of 10,000 capacity each. We leased it several times and most of the time, lease incurred losses due to low growth and mortality of chicks. We came to know only the winter batch of chickens used to gain good weight and less mortality. Our land is surrounded by small hills and rocks and almost no trees in our land. So we think the heat in summer is the reason for low chicks growth and mortality. For the last few years it is vacant. Though lot of ppl asking us to rent the poultry farm but we are not interested because the original issue (heat) needs to be fixed.

So we are in search of what, how, and whether to start the plantation. Any guidance/pointers in this direction would be of great help to us.

Main motivation:

  1. Interest in growing trees. Personal satisfaction. Our family can spend some time at farm when we visit our village. Also, we can consume fruits/produce from our farm.
  2. It can be a source of income for my parents who live in the village.
  3. It also acts as a security to our land. Land rates appreciated a lot in recent times. Leaving unattended doesn’t feel like a good option for the longterm.
  4. An option for retirement if we settle in our village in the future (I am 30 and my uncle 40 years old). If profits are great, we can think of early retirement also (but want to keep a realistic expectation).

Our expectations:

  1. At least financially self-sustainable if not good profits. Should be able to generate revenues to meet atleast regular farm expenditure including labour, maintenance etc.

Additional Info:

  1. We have a bore of 1 inch water. (we drilled it for poultry farm). (Also water is bit hard/saline). I heard ppl saying this won’t be sufficient for not even a 2-3 acres of any plantation even with drip irrigation. So what are our options? To drill additional bore?
  2. At present, we lease land for cattle grazing. we get Rs.20,000 per year for the whole 16 acres.
  3. How to get soil testing done? soil is wheatish in color with lot gravels. Locals say our soil/sand is good for the construction of buildings.
  4. There are some scattered custard apple (sithaphal) trees in our land growing on their own. Neighboring lands have mango plantations and paddy fields.
  5. Willing to invest upto 10 to 20 Lakhs.
  6. Would prefer less labour intensive plants. It seems getting labour is becoming difficult in our area.
  7. Since our land is near to hyderabad (even daily city buses come to our village), suggest plantations which could benefit from this.

Some of our thoughts:

  1. Almost zero maintenance approach: plant timber trees like red sanders, sandalwood and teak in all the land. Care for initial 2-3 years till plant gets set. then leave it for next 20-25 years. Security might be a problem in later years.
  2. All season fruit plantation: plant different trees like mango, guava, sithaphal, pomegranate, lemon, orange, anjeer, tamarind, jamun etc such that every month we should get some harvest for monthly income. Also, it will reduce our risks due to untimely rains, pest attacks, variations in market prices. We need to hire a family or two to stay in and look after the farm fulltime. (still can accommodate few longterm timber trees like red sanders, sandalwood in farm peripheries.)
  3. Experimental plantations: like herbals (ashwagandha, aloeveera) or exotic plants (date palm, dragon fruit) etc. It looks like a big gamble but all success stories on TV or youtube are mostly about these plantations. Not sure to what extent they are true.

Along with above, thinking of possibility of constructing a farm house along with some recreation facilities (paint ball, shuttle, volley ball) for renting in weekends. Also with the plantation, I think the temperature on the farm will come down a bit and we can restart/rent poultry farm.

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Why pruning is important in increasing the yield of pods in Moringa?

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 20:57

Moringa naturally respond well to pruning and produce flowers and pods in abundance .
When the growing tip of central stem is pinched off at 75 CMS height from the ground level ,lot of side branches are produced and again the growing tip of these side branches are nibbed off so as to allow more branches and wide canopy around the tree . This way newly planted moringa plants are trained and pruned until before flower initiation .
If you closely look at the bearing moringa trees ,you will notice lateral branches carrying huge number of pods and the number of pods goes decreasing from the base upward where branches are near erect with least of pods .
Beside increasing the no of branches ,the hormonal imbalance between gibberellin and cytokinenin and accumulation of unused starch ( photosynthate ) produce cluster of flowers in abundance by converting vegetative shoots into flowering shoots .IMG_20200616_205916539×716 242 KB IMG_20200616_205847539×721 275 KB FB_IMG_1592292682351720×960 176 KB FB_IMG_1592292677264720×960 178 KB

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Dam touch land available for farming on lease/ partnership in Pune

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 18:38

I have 9.5 acres of Dam touch Agricultural land in the outskirts of Pune. You can contact me on 9850960162.Click the link below to see the pictures of the land. Pune Farm Stays

Pune Farm Stays, Pune. 8 J’aime. Immobilier

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Borewell blockage

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 14:00

Hello Sir
This is regarding with borewell in our mangao farm.
Pump gets blocked with silt and the motor fails.
each one gives varied suggestions.
I require you to suggest whats the problem and its remedy.
Thank you

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Installation of Borewell

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 18:48

Hi Friends,

i have got a borewell drilled and got water at 90 feet depth ( around 2 inch water) and the total depth is 420 feet, did not get any more layer after 90 feet.

can anyone advise of in how many feet should i install the submersible pump.


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Looking for Investors for Desi cows dairy farm

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 16:02


Hello, my name is maruthi from Bangalore, I have 7+ years of experience in dairy farming have managed daily supply of 800+ liters of milk.

*Difference between HF , jersey & Desi cows

From HF Jersey cows we can only make by products out of milk.

But from Desi cows one can make by products out of milk as well as cow dung and urine.

Try to avoid buying of cows in a lot just to save transportation money. Coz one will not have any health related details of the causes being sold in a market*

I have expertise myself to make varieties of manure, chemical free pesticides, fertilizers. And there are so many products that can be made out of cow dung and urine.
All these things are sellable, I have formulas, for making best of the products.
I have acquired feed and fodder receipe by which one save concentrated feed cost. we can develop good heifers and sell them for profits.
If we make and sell all these products made out of cow dung and urine. ONE CAN GIVE MILK @50% PRICE we can easily attract most of the customers.

Added advantages I can do calving, basic treatments to cows, which can save doctors fees who will visit farm regularly

BUT all this things requires investment which I don’t have. I am not a consultant , I have field and practicle experience people who are interested and have serious plans of starting or investing in a dairy farm.


Pls feel to contact me on 8884466144.

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Required farm technician to develop amla sapling from amla trees

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 09:49

Required farm technician to develop amla sapling from amla trees. Compensation with best service charges. Please contact 8431515002

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Dragon fruit tolerant in hot climates?

Sun, 06/14/2020 - 20:33

I am planning to do 1 acre of Dragon fruit near Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu(summer will reach 44 and winter never goes down below 23).

Please let me know where to get these plants in tamil nadu, I see some videos where there are weather resistant C varieties. Please let me know if you have any experiences and plants availability.

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Vaitarna dam view property available for sale near igatpuri

Sun, 06/14/2020 - 16:27

Dear sir /Madam,

Dealing in Agriculture land / Industrial land near vaitarna Dam & nashik-Mumbai Highway ( Gonde MIDC )

Dam View & Dam Touch Property for Farm house

Agriculture land , Industrial land , farm land etc

Working Places : Nashik-Mumbai Higwhay , Trambakeshwar Road , Shirdi Road , Vaitarna Dam location etc ( Igatpuri Taluka )

Acre : 2 Acre to 100 Acre

Contact -Rajendra Patil-9923431747


Sadguru krupa Properties - Igatpuri

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How ODC 3 differs from PKM 1 Moringa?

Sat, 06/13/2020 - 22:15

ODC 3 Drumstick pods look evenly fleshy with more girth ,taste , flavour and aroma where as PKM 1 pod carries prominent grooves and constrictions along its length .
PKM 1 drumstick needs more water than ODC 3 variety .When there is water scarcity and prolonged drought ,PKM 1 growth will be drastically reduced and stunted and become susceptible to many insect pest where as ODC 3 is comparatively hardier plant that sustain and tolerate the drought situation and the leaves of which look dark green and bit more leathery than PKM 1 . This is a phenomenal character of ODC 3 Drumstick that makes the plant adoptable to fluctuations in weather and climate and wide range of soil types across many states in India .
Further ODC 3 pods have more self life and keeping quality without losing its freshness and taste .
5 kgs of ODC 3 seeds can produce 1 lit Ben oil where as in case of PKM 1 nearly 9-10 kgs of seeds are required to press 1 lit Ben oil .
IMG_20200613_2108481553×2048 1.45 MB

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Can anybody guide me on commercial production of hibiscus plants

Sat, 06/13/2020 - 15:38

In nashik i want to do hibiscus

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