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A farm with land for sale

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 16:10

@Margusha wrote:

We have a farm 800 sq.meters with 35 hectares of land just near farm. Electricity and water usage contracts are maintained. The farm is ready to start working right now.

The farm is located 20 kilometres from Oryol, Russia, in ecologically clean area.

Oryol is a small city with population about 300,000 inhabitants, located 360 km from Moscow. Oryol is in the same latitude to Berlin; it is one of the main agricultural regions of Russia.

There are 8 state universities, 12 museums, several state sport clubs including korfball club in Oryol, which makes this town comfortable place for living.

If you buy the farm we’ll provide you with contacts of local Center for agriculture development which will help you with possible starting issues.

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What are the risks involved in planting and harvesting a crop?

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 12:00

@Griffin wrote:

Yet another question I would love to be answered

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What skills are important in a crop farmer?

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 11:56

@Griffin wrote:

Hi guys. Just another question I am looking for answers on. Any feedback will be appreciated

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What are the processes involved in planting, harvesting and post-harvest handling of maize?

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 11:51

@Griffin wrote:

Hello everyone. I am trying to find out information on some questions I have for an assignment project I am doing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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Compost Preparation new

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 09:18

@Daveburton wrote:

We have around 4 cows at our home in a village. Just wanted to know how to prepare compost/manure out of cow dung. Exact steps on pit size, composition, etc will be helpful. We have vast space for pit digging and for other maintenance.

Thanks in advance.

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Which is more profirable, melia dubia or silver oak?

Sun, 11/25/2018 - 21:35

@Ruman wrote:

Hi guys…
Can anybody guide me to choose the right saplings between melia dubia and silver oak for my 6 acre farm, in terms of profitability…

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Farmpond size for 10 acres land

Sat, 11/24/2018 - 16:44

@Sudheer_Reddy wrote:

Sir i own 10 acres of land (black soil).we get rains in june /july and in october . Rains r not helpful to grow one crops also. So i want to dig farmpond. What should be the size of farmpond to irrigate 10 acres of crops like groundnut, bengal gram. Raingun /drip which is best

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I have 100 pots of size 12x12. How much trichoderma and psuedomonas to use and how to use it. Please help me

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 07:24

@suryaprak wrote:

I’m planning to prepare soil for 100 pots of size 12x12. how much Trichoderma and psudeomonas need to be added and how to use them? Please explain this process clearly and in what interval I need to add these bio-fertilizers to my soil again? Thank you in advance.

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Many variety big height plants available.Please check the list

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 19:33

@Revathy wrote:

Iyal vaagai 5feet-Rs.90

Vaatham- 3feet -Rs.70

Pungan -6feet-Rs.95

Neer Maruthu -5feet -Rs.95

Vengai- 3feet- Rs.65

Naval -6feet -Rs.150

Tamarind grafted -3feet -Rs.125

Ilupai -5to 6 feet -Rs .95

Manthari -4 to 5 feet-Rs.115

Arasam -4 to 5 feet -Rs.115

Aalam -2feet -Rs.70

Sisu -6 to 7 feet -Rs.165

Small nelli -2feet-rs.50

Parijatham -2feet -Rs.65

Idlipoo -3feet -rs70

Munthiri -3feet -Rs.70

Kumil- 2feet -Rs.40

Nandhiya vattai -3feet-Rs.55

Alastomia 5-6 feet-Rs.100

Ashoka 6 feet Rs.135

Thandirkai 3feet Rs.70

Mango Hybrid

Banganapalli Mango 5 to 6 feet-Rs.165

Senthura mango 5 to 6 feet -Rs.165

Imam pasanth Mango 5to 6 feet -Rs.165

Alphonsa Mango 5 to 6 feet -Rs.165

Malligai mango 5 to 6 feet -rs.165

Kesar Mango 5 to 6 feet -rs.165

Thailand koiya -3 feet-Rs.180

Seetha -5 feet Rs.120

Senbagam -7 feet -Rs.365

Narthai -4 to 5 feet -Rs.115

netlingam -5 to 6 feet Rs.95

mahogany -5 to 6 feet Rs 95

gulmohar -5 to 6 feet Rs.95

Sathukudi -5 feet -rs.135

Vembu -5 to 6 feet -Rs.90

Sembaruthi -2 to 3 feet -rs.50

pala -4feet -rs.140

Poovarasu -6 to 7 feet -Rs 165

manjal kondrai -3 to 4 feet -Rs.115

Sarkarai palam or cherry-4feet -rs.90

Dates 1feet -Rs.175

Moongil 6 to 7 feet Rs.140

begonia 3 to 4 feet-Rs.95

belsium 5 to 6 feet-Rs.130

Bottle brush tree 6 feet -Rs.130

gardia Sebastiana 5 to 6 feet -rs.100

Jacaranda 5 to 6 feet -Rs.95

Kadambu 5 to 6 feet -Rs.95

Kalyana murungai 6 feet -Rs.150

Neer maruthu 4 to 5 feet -rs.75

Karu maruthu 3 feet -Rs.135

Manjal kadambai 5 to 6 feet -Rs.95

Maramalli -5 to 6 feet -Rs.95

Mahogany -6 feet -Rs.95

VATHA narayanan -2 feet -Rs.80

Thoongu vaagai -5 to 6 feet -Rs.95

Rudraksham -3 feet -Rs.160

Spathodea -5 feet -Rs.95

Silver oak -5 feet Rs.115

Sarakondrai -5feet rs.120

Poovarasu -6 to 7 feet Rs.160

Rosewood 3 feet Rs.70

Punnai 6 feet Rs.115

pencil maram 5 feet Rs.95

Nagalingam 5 feet -rs.120

Water apple 5 feet -rs.125

Lychee 3 feet Rs.150

Lemon 2 feet Rs.95

Thornless Ilanthai 3 feet Rs.160

Vilvam 2feet Rs.95

Avacoda 2 feet Rs.70

Bublimas fruit 3feet Rs.130

Star fruit 3feet Rs.100

Bread fruit 3 feet Rs.130

VAAdham 3 feet Rs.65


Sevalai 3 feet -Rs.80

poongulai valai 3 feet -Rs.80

Rasthali valai 3feet Rs.80

Kathali valai 3 feet Rs.80

Coconut country variety -2feet -rs.125

Hybrid *D coconut variety -6 feet -rs.230

Alastomia 5 to 6 feet Rs.115

Thiruvodu 1 feet -rs.120

Dragon fruit 1 feet -rs.95

Jathikai 2to3feet -rs.150

Pomegranate 4 feet -rs.140

Arali 4 feet -Rs.80

Puthiran jeeva 5 feet -Rs.95

Kalakai 3 feet Rs.130

Pavalamalli 5 feet Rs.120

mAGILAM POO 3 TO 4 FEET rs. 90

Koduka puli 3 feet Rs.60

Behania 3 to 4 feet Rs.90

Annato 5 feet -Rs.95

Umbrella tree 3 to 4 feet -rs.185

Palash tree 3 to 4 feet Rs.400

Semmaram 1 to 2 feet rs.40

Curry leaf 1 feet rs.45

Big nelli 1 feet rs.80

Parijatham 2 feet Rs70

Vilvam 1 feet Rs.50

Eucalyptus 1 to 2 feet rs.30

Vanni 1 feet rs.50

Sambangi 1 feet rs.40

mayil kondrai 2 feet Rs.60

If interested please call 9543455978 or

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Motor Stuck in the borewell

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 00:25

@Ashok_Gal wrote:

The depth of bore well is 520 ft. and 3- phase 10 HP motor is at 450 ft. It is 6.5-inch bore having 44 feet metal casing from the top. The motor is stuck there and unable to pull out. It hardly moves up by 1 – 1.5 feet only by pulling through chain pulley. Recently we did camera scanning of the bore in the casing first but at 210 feet there is a 6-inch ring (seems metal one) and there is 2 inch GI pipe and double cable of delta connected motor which camera could not let go beyond that point. Then we had inserted the camera in GI pipe which goes up to the check valve of a motor at 448 ft. The water inside the GI pipe starts at 390 ft. while in casing it starts from 40 feet. Since the motor got burnt down we need to pull it out and have deployed all the methods to take it out but all went into vain.
One of the contractors told me that it is not possible to pull out the motor but he can take out GI pipe and cable from the point of connection and after that new motor can be installed few feet above the old one. But installing a new motor would be a challenge as there is a ring at 210 feet. Even the possibility of bore got collapsed beyond 210 ft. seems distant and we don’t have visibility inside the casing beyond 210 ft.
What is the right method to break the GI pipe from the motor? Is it advisable to go for flushing before installing the new motor?. Pl. Suggest

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ZBNF for essential oil crops

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 18:45

@Subhrajyoti_Moitra wrote:

I am exploring ideas to grow citronella, palmorsa, lemon grass, geranium for its essential oils using ZBNF technique over 1 acre land in Goa north. Is this a feasible idea? how to apply the 5 layer model with these being the main crops I want to grow. Has ne one tried these crops using ZBNF ? Please advice.

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Watermelon & Musk melonseeds

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 12:31

@srikrishna wrote:

Dear Farmnest,

After 5 years of searching i found a suitable farm with borewell on the way to paderu, viskaahapatnam distrct. I want to sow watermelon and musk melon seeds. Where can i get these seeds from.

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Mul seetha or Soursop fresh leaves for cancer patients and fruits also available

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 09:16

@Revathy wrote:

Mul seetha or Soursop fresh leaves for cancer patients for Rs.550 per kg and fruits also available for Rs.550 per kg.If interested please call-9543455978 or also we can supply.Any person without cancer can also eat the fruits.

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Farm pond sizing

Sun, 11/18/2018 - 15:49

@Gemkasa wrote:

How to design a farm land to support 10acers land. How the budgeting can be planned??
This farm pond to be utilized for irrigation of tropical cultivation for crops like Bengal gram or ground nut or mirchi.

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Any hydroponic growers commercially

Sun, 11/18/2018 - 13:49

@Ootynarendran wrote:

Anyone doing hydroponics commercially for more than three years? Please share your views on the pros and cons based on your experience

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Date palm cultivation

Sat, 11/17/2018 - 20:55

@Gemkasa wrote:

Plz advise

  1. Whether date palm cultivation can be done in black soil
  2. Can Salt water be used for irrigation
  3. Any practical experience on date palm cultivation

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Land 2 Acres Available for agriculture or dairy farming

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 16:35

@rkgowda wrote:

2 Acres land available for agriculture or dairy farming.
70 kms from bangalore near kanakapura off kanakapura sangam road at alahalli village.
abundant water available.
near to village.
Asking price Rs. 50,000/- per acre per year.
Lease period 10 years or more. IMG_20181111_071455492.jpg2079x1559 1.33 MB

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Kankrej cows available near Hosur in Tamil Nadu

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 16:35

@mangalam wrote:

I have high yielding Kankrej cows in my farm near Hosur(T. N). Do contact me incase you have any requirements. 8072405048

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Need guidance on the water pump that need to be used for pumping water to drip line from farm pond

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 04:49

@kirankasala wrote:

Hi All,
I have a farm pond from which the water need to be pumped to drip line.
Can someone suggest what kind of electrical motor pump should I go for.
Land is five acres near hyderabad and pump need to be connected to a sand filter.

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13.64 acres land near Hyderabad (Vikarabad, Kotpally reservoir)

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 22:12

@mbaprakash2001 wrote:

I have land 13.64 acres and it is my own land . it is in between Kotpally and Peddammul.

  1. we constructed three side by side rooms
  2. Dedicated Transformer ( in side the land which can run the four 5HP motors.)
  3. we have dedicated road to the land .
  4. Two bores which is 5-6 inch and 3-4 inch water
  5. dedicated way to the land ( which is owned )

I am planning to sell Total with 14.5la per acre.


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